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CREST Strategic Research

Green Growth

Our research seeks to frame the green growth discussion as a debate over the opportunities created by the transformation of modern energy systems. To date, discussions of green growth have focused on the jobs and technologies created through invention and deployment of new energy sources. But serious climate change mitigation will require moving beyond source replacement to shift the high-emission, low-efficiency trajectory of today’s energy systems to a low-emission, high-efficiency alternative. That transformation in how industrial societies produce, distribute, and use energy may, if properly structured, create widespread growth by changing the possibilities for production in the broader economy.

Our research seeks to identify how best to structure this transformation given the diverse legacies bestowed on states by their unique developmental trajectories. By identifying the technological, political, and institutional road blocks that hinder the transformation process, we hope to identify the levers that may enable public and private actors to accelerate the process of economic change. Furthermore, we are concerned that this process of finding and exploiting opportunities for growth not hinder international cooperation on the broader climate problem. Thus we also seek to identify how joint cooperation on innovation and policy experimentation can produce shared gains within a system of robust and productive economic competition. This research has led to a series of publications on the possibilities for green growth and the progress individual states have made. We are now actively pursuing international partnerships and alliances to expand these technological and geographic reach of these studies.