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Our motivation to form CREST is to positively impact the climate change and sustainable resource supply crises. We believe that, in order to make a societal scale impact on alleviating these crises, it is essential to transform the energy system, globally. The new energy system should integrate supply with demand, while sustainably providing energy benefits, by:

  • introducing renewable energy sources.

  • balancing load from both supply and demand sides.

  • advancing energy efficiency across all sectors.

The new system must reach beyond the focus on energy consumption to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of other limited, finite resources, e.g., water and rare earth metals.

Mission Statement

CREST’s mission is to develop frameworks, tools, and new technology research projects aimed at overcoming the challenge of transforming the global energy system while creating sustainable opportunities for economic growth. To carry out its mission, CREST has three inter-related pillars of strategic activity:

    • Carbon Roadmapping. The aim is to identify crucial research needs, technology trajectories, and policy levers. It is critical to our approach that policy and technology be closely interwoven.

    • Green Growth. We explore low-carbon growth and development strategies. The specific challenge is to progress from research to deployment, confronting issues of legacy systems and technologies. Key questions include technology transition, the stimulation of markets, and investment strategies.

    • New Partnership Models. As international research partnerships evolve, we will study and propose new IP management strategies and business models. CREST aims to revitalize the partnership between governmental policies and industry, business, and international economic imperatives to address pressing problems. Case studies will be centered on CREST research collaborations.