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CREST Strategic Research

New Partnership Models

International Public/Private Collaboration Frameworks
Development of new partnership models is a critical step toward global energy transformation to a low-carbon, high efficiency system.  Currently there exists a gap between green energy research and the uptake of new green energy technologies. The breakdown in international climate change negotiations and an incohesive, underdeveloped green industry in many nations highlight the need for such models. By establishing bilateral and multilateral partnerships, CREST aims to identify the policy levers, market mechanisms, and regulatory roadblocks hindering the broader application of new efficient technologies. In this process it also seeks to discover those path dependent institutions that are limiting nation-level infrastructure renewal. CREST invites key international actors from industry, governance, and finance to discuss these barriers to growth and propose collaborative solutions.

Intellectual Property
Development of Intellectual Property (IP) models that facilitate international collaboration is of paramount importance in the global energy systems transformation.  Well conceived IP models can bridge the gap between development and distribution of energy efficient technology by reconciling the relationship between government, industry, and university research.   Different nations take different approaches and employ different strategies, but there is currently a lack of a unifying or replicable model.  At present, various models range in scope from open innovation through tightly constrained explicit IP rights.  CREST aims to identifying which of these models work and under what circumstances, and which designs are transferable to international collaborative efforts.  CREST is also facilitating international collaboration by building bilateral and multilateral discussion forums bringing together experts from law, policy, industry, and research institutions.